How to Fixed Malware Report from Google

This time is for sharing

Have ur website got banned from google site, and detected contain as malware.

Or block by google chrome ? with the same warning

And u were so desperate to fixed it but don’t know how and what to fixed

Here is just a hint what u should do

  1. Register ur domain in webmaster tools as ur website
  2. Procedd with step for adding site verification.
  3. After u verify that u are the owner on ur webmaster tool, there will be report on what url that ur website contain malware.
  4. After this step u wondering what was on ur site ?  it it malware , virus or inject code.
  5. So I suggest u to Go to
  6. Put every url from ur  website that was report on webmaster tool there and let that web chek ur script on ur website.
  7. And u will get the report what was on ur website, with red block on ur script
  8. Do it over until u finished repair all that was on ur webmaster tools report.
  9. Go to follow the step that said u are the owner of the website and asked for review
  10. And on google webmaster tool, asked for review
  11. It would be refresh for about 24 hour

So that’s it all

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