Dreamhost and ixwebhost got Hacked Again

Dammm …

two web host that i used got hacked …
i hate it.. i must fixed it since it declare to be dangerous by google ..

when i look on to the script it change all the index file
etc : index.php, index,htm, and index.html

they usually can be founded at the end of script using iframe  script
and on that iframe are url of the attack site

you can read it here
for the ixwebhost

for dreamhost

and when i reported this to dream host and ixwebhost
they said my web that got hacked

geezz ..
i look on google they the one that got security issued

now i need to got work,
extra work  lol

  1. Eat that you absofuckinglutely hackers… na na na… 😀

    • bwakakaka… asuuuu kerja rodi gw tuhh kemarin .. ternyata bukan cuma satu web ygf ke hack.. banyak itu masalah di httacces

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