Today my friend are asking me about my blog (this blog)
how come i got 1st position when we search for “1stlink”
and i said well couse the hit is high for couple of month (poor you dex :p)

“1stlink” is the 1st room i created on dalnet
i remember that it was the first time i create a room
well actually my 1st brother (the legendary bosen) teach me how,
he said i should read howto so i did

so i googling how to create a room and i remember i should type for chanserv
and i follow the instruction and there u go “1stlink”
i go that name couse it was 1st for that time, 1st room , 1st time i create and teach by my 1st brother (bosen)

so i create evrywhere in irc server
centrin, dalnet, efnet
but not that long
i begin to work on PT Jaya Radymix, and there’s no internet there
so i didn’t maintain that room and it was drop by the chanserv

but when my 2nd brother (alpha) got work and have internet line at his work..
he begin to maintain that room until now
i have the room password and the founder is me..
it has so mony problem at 1stlink
it was drop by the chanserv for security reason bla bla bla…

but it was up again by sendhenk
a little bit crazy person from surabaya ;p

so up until now 1stlink is alive and kickin
we have not much member there but it was fine ..
it was a group for wierd, crazy people who love internet as much as i did
no mention, hacking and cracking lol

and they all good with linux or other nix operation system
while me ..
i only can build psybnc and ls -la

well poeple have thir own way to make a living
so don’t get jeaolus for what people achive
couse i know we all can do what they can if we only work hard and try hard ..

so .. tat’s little bit story about 1stlink from me ..
any suggestion or maybe would like to have their opinion add on this scraps
pls pls let me know
or maybe name that i didn’t write lol..
since it has many name there..

nb : for name just add comments i’ll add if u read this :p

dex here i capture the result if u search for 1stlink :p

  1. Yep, hell yeah…
    And now my nick name also 1st on google if you type : “dextone hack”


    Even I’m not a hacker at all… LMAO!
    google sux ;p~

    • jiakakakakakaakkaka… who is the hacker .. not me .. i am just wonderer wakakaka :p

  2. Really when someone doesn’t understand afterward its up to other visitors that they will assist, so here it happens.

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