1st Travel outside Indonesia

Right now iam in singapore, iam in cybernet cafe near geylang, a place for legal prostitution in Singapore. but don’ think negatif aobut it, i just see and look a this place..
the girl is fascinating.. lol ;p~
It was the 1s journey outside my country indonesia..
from Jakarta i go to batam by plane couse i was avoiding high viskal from jakarta, i arrive at batam at 13.00 and eat lunch there, i buy ticket for boat to go to singapore at the airport, i’ts about $12 sing, and pay boreding pas for $3,
i was pick up by a friend when i was arrive at singapore,an old fried of mine, thanks GOD they pick me up otherwise .. i dont know 😀
Remember not o bring more the 2 packs of ciagarete, otherwise u will be held by the customs for non paid ” things” i can’t remember. i thanks god i get ride of he cigarette, i only take 3 of it, i told my friend to take one pack each person ..
i was save i guess…
i better o to do that again, not just i singapore , but in other part of he world..
well i guess that’s all..
i had to go back to hotel, it’s 4 am here lol
i’ll continue again after i go back to jakarta

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