God’s omnipotence

Have u heard women that can’t cook ?? Maybe in the earlie 1980 it was shame if a women can’t cook, but lately for the last couple of year it’s seems to be something ussual to be seing, geez what have “R.A Kartini” Done. All about this Women Emancipation. this is going confusion all the sudden, Sorry R.A Kartini i don’t mean to disrespect u, but look what women do and achieve this day, it’s all disorganized.

Women don’t do what whas God made her to do now. It’s the God will for women to serve their husband and to cook for the family, if they can’t cook how can they server their husband and family what her kids will eat. No wonder man take another women to be his wife, u can’t blame him. maybe the man think he find another women who can cook for him, and eat together in dining room and not in expensive restaurant.

And for the cooking problem, women will said ” we can have maid to cook for us and server us”. Women have u ever thingking that maid before even u were born now will have a children who succed more then u now, Can u guest what the maid think if they had children ? maybe they will think ” i don’t want my children living in poor like me (maid) and have to serve people to have some money for their family so they can eat decent food buy decent clothes” And with this idea this maid will work hard for her children, and maybe she succed with it. it’s another story of a maid who have their children suceed

So to all women who lives theese days, it will remind u that amount of maid is getting smaller and if u don’t learn to cook who will cook for the family, your husband ?? tell me then ?
it would be agains the nature and this is because women emancipation. .
Please to all the women i know u were busy with work to to have more money for your family , but pls can u learn to cook just to prove that u still women who God create.

God’s omnipotence, it’s your nature of character

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