Journey after almost 2 years

There’s a few website that i have develop, when i was resign from bubu it’s almost like side job when i was in LPJK (Association Constrution Developmet Board) not mention when i was working on excelkomindo (XL) for the telecomunication exhibition on Augustus 2006 if iam not mistaking,

It’s almost 2 years i working on LPJK, the first 2 month i working here, my proposal for building website of Opus Management (the 1st client) that i had, start from making proposal, meeting with the client, include to describes what they need to my designer, and maintenance included to. And after that i felt it’s not that hard to talk with client to gain trust from them and made them think that we are capable to making their website. Thanks to GOD for this ( amieen )

Chek out for link in Clien, you will be able to see the snap shot from the website,
Another great technology from snapshot that wordpress can addept.

It’s almost July, i hope i will be able to get project from Pegasus, an EO who gain trust from XL to arrange their exhibiton for ICS ( indonesian Comunicaion Selular Show) i really hope i can get this project, there a lot of people who pray that i will get this project, since i paid them good (lol), couse for me i will still have the money from pegasus since i am the one who ussualy being called by them to prepare for few items, They rent it from me, actually it’s not me i just arrange it for them with comission of course

Well God please let it be me who have that project. Amieen

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