Today i was talking with friends and she show me the picture of her when she is still baby, an i wonder where is my picture when i was baby ? this question just pop up on my head.
Couse i never had one, well maybe when i was being carry by my auntie is the oldest picture of me when i am still baby, besides that i don’t have ones.

Picture, photos for now is almost like something importantt for us, jut to know how we look, or about the beauty of site view or something else that we want to share to other or just to remind us of something (places, event, or about ourself)

Nowday indonesian people like to take a picture to show to others, not just picture sometimes even a short movie who been happen like a plage just from rich people up to common people like myeself. But do verycarefull if u like to take a private picture or private movie like when u take a picture of ur bf or gf while the were naked or maybe a movie when u having sex, some one could accidently found ur private picture or private movie. And this person can upload it in to the internet and in just few days you will be famous person in indonesia, just like what happen nowdays,

Example is like “Bandung lautan asmara”, a two lovers who record they activity for almost 2 -3 days when the chek in in a hotel or motel, it spread all over the net, and this kind of file will last longer then u may live couse there always be a people who save and share it on the net. And this is not making indoensaian people regreat it and not try to it but it makes a lot of people try to make more of it, i don’t know if they just made it recently or they have already made it a before this, but as we all know that there a lot of nude picture and movie of indonesian people on the net.

Recently we heard about member of DPR who make a short movie when he makes love, (stupid things to do i guess?? nope ) couse the more stupid is he done it not with his wife but with other women ( this is so so so damm stupid). Geez i thought we choose best people  to sit there in legislatif, F*ck no

And for you who maybe doing this, i mean taking private picture and movie just be sure nobody expose it on the net couse it will remain there for long time even your son or doughter maybe seeing what u have done.

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